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[Made in Germany]   Zuiop™ International is a worldwide Internet service made in Germany.

On our web page you can choose whether and which personal data you want to have displayed and one doesn't need a login and password. Compared with many other web pages you can insert your details on our web page in a simple way and without a login and a password. You can choose for yourself whether and which contact data about yourself should be displayed for others.

Our web page is operated from Germany and therefore is regulated by one of the strictest laws on the protection of personal data (data protection act) in the world. We do not give away any personal data nor e-mail addresses to external persons, companies or organizations.
Only you alone decide which data about yourself should be visible on our web page.

Protection of your e-mail address:

If you want to put your e-mail address on our web page in order to enable other people to contact you then you have the option that your e-mail address will not be visible, but everyone can still write e-mail messages to you. This is because we will pass all messages from other people to you via an automated procedure by our computer system. Only if you answer to the respective message, then the sender will know your e-mail address. In addition, you have the possibility to delete your entry at any point in time. If you do not delete your entry, then we will automatically delete your entry after the time you chose when you made your entry. After your manual deletion or after the automatic deletion of your entry, nobody can contact you any more by e-mail. Persons who contacted you before the deletion of your entry will know your e-mail address only:

  • if you have chosen that your e-mail address should be visible on our web page or
  • if you have chosen that your e-mail address should not be visible on our web page then the respective person knows your e-mail address only if you answered to this person at least once. If you never answered this person by e-mail, then this person can also contact you by e-mail no longer after the deletion of your entry.

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